Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2020 (Revised Requirements due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, June 2020)

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The following Humanitarian Response Plan for the COVID-19 pandemic should be treated as an addendum to the current Humanitarian Response Plan for Ukraine. It seeks to set out additional activities that will be undertaken by humanitarian actors in eastern Ukraine over the course of 2020. The Humanitarian Response Plan for the COVID-19 pandemic seeks to consider the public health impact of the epidemic – as well as the indirect impact on people’s well-being, which will span across many areas.

While the situation continues to evolve rapidly, humanitarian actors have undertaken a needs analysis based on their current knowledge of the situation in eastern Ukraine and new evidence as it becomes available. The plan will be adjusted as required in accordance with further assessments over the coming months.

Throughout the COVID-19 response programming, particular attention has been paid to gender and age considerations, given the distinct pre-existing context in eastern Ukraine where a high proportion of people in need are the elderly, people with disabilities and female. Building on the good practice of gender and age mainstreaming in the Ukraine HRPs, the humanitarian partners will continue to ensure gender and age responsive programming by tailoring the response in accordance with the different extent to which the COVID-19 pandemic affects women, men, boys and girls.

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