Iran: Floods - Jan 2022

Disaster description

According to the Iranian Meteorological Organization, heavy rainfalls with thunderstorms started on 1 January 2022 in most Iranian provinces and lasted four days. Over 80,000 people were affected in 20 provinces. The most affected provinces are Sistan Baluchestan (in the south), Hormozgan (in the east), Kerman and Fars, Bushehr, and Khuzestan. The floods resulted in damages to power supply, roads/access/infrastructure, agricultural lands, bridges, domestic animal husbandry, houses/residential buildings, and drinking water supply schemes. The heavy flash flood resulted in the death of ten people in the counties of Chabahar, and Mehrestan in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Darab, Lamerd, and Beyram in Fars Province and Sirjan in Kerman Province.

As a result of the floods, transportation has been halted, and relief supplies have been delivered to flood-affected cities by IRCS air rescue choppers. Affected people were evacuated to safe areas by IRCS rescuers. Outpatient services were provided to injured people, and those in need were transported to medical centers. In addition to rescue and relief efforts, aid workers pumped water out of 570 houses and recovered 290 vehicles. The worst-hit area is south of Sistan Baluchestan. While the operation in south Kerman has been completed, the operation in eastern Hormozgan is still ongoing. (IFRC, 14 Jan 2022)

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