Brazil: Floods - Dec 2021


Disaster description

On 7 December 2021, storms caused by the passage of a subtropical cyclone affected several cities in the south of Bahia state in Brazil. The National Centre for Disaster Prevention (Cemaden) recorded rainfall of 450 mm in the Itamaraju municipality and 171 mm in Porto Seguro municipality in Bahia state. According to the latest report of the Superintendence for Protection and Civil Defence of the State of Bahia (Sudec), 12 people died, 267 people were injured, 6,371 were left homeless, and 15,199 were displaced. The population affected by the floods is registered at 220,297 people. Gabo Bravo and Jucuruçu rivers' overflowing led to floods that isolated regions in Bahia and Minas Gerais states, damaging homes and infrastructure (roads and bridges). A total of 21 municipalities are affected, with more serious impact in Jucuruçu, Itagimirim, Porto Seguro and Medeiros Neto municipalities. By 7 December, municipal declarations of emergency were issued. On 10 December, the Federal Government of Brazil declared a state of emergency in at least 50 affected municipalities in Bahia and Minas Gerais. (IFRC, 16 Dec 2021)

163 municipalities reported emergency state due to a dam collapse followed by flooding last December 23rd in Bahia state. The southern part of Bahia state and north of Minas Gerais state are suffering from the consequences of the floods: houses, schools, hospitals and other infrastructures have been destroyed and damaged along with other losses. Total affected population is estimated to be 815,597 with an estimated 101,256 people in need, of those, 28,224 people displaced staying in shelters and 73,032 people being hosted by family and friends; with 2 missing, 520 wounded and 26 deaths.(UNICEF, 7 Jan 2022)

Heavy rainfall continues to cause widespread flooding and landslides across Minas Gerais and Bahia States (south-east Brazil), leading to an increased human impact. In Bahia, the number of fatalities stands at 26, while two people are missing, as reported by the Government of Bahia. About 87,550 persons have been displaced and up to 856,820 individuals have been affected by floods and landslides across 183 municipalities. According to the Civil Protection authorities in Minas Gerais, at least 19 people have died, of which five due to a landslide that occurred in Brumadinho Municipality, that has been heavily affected by the dam collapse on 25 January 2019. Approximately 17,240 persons have been displaced and a state of emergency has been issued for 145 municipalities across Minas Gerais. (ECHO, 12 Jan 2022)

The number of fatalities has reached 28 people after the widespread floods and landslides in southern Brazil (particularly in Sao Paulo State). According to media reports, seven people are missing following the deadly landslide in Franco de Rocha (40 km north of Sao Paulo City), 12 people have been injured, and nearly 3,000 have been displaced. (ECHO, 03 Feb 2022)

Since 15 February, following landslides and floods in Petrópolis City area (Rio de Janeiro State), 152 people have died according to the National Civil Defense, while more than 120 people are still missing, as reported by media. In addition, at least 200 people have been injured and 856 displaced. Local authorities registered 755 landslide events in the area. (ECHO, 21 Feb 2022)

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