Türkiye/Syria: Earthquakes - Feb 2023

Disaster description

On 6 February, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck southern Türkiye at 4:17 a.m. This is Türkiye's most powerful earthquake recorded since 1939. At least 78 aftershocks have been reported followed by a second earthquake of 7.5 magnitude at 13:24 with the epicenter in Ekinozu/Kahramanmaras province [...] The Government of Türkiye has since issued a Level 4 alarm, calling for international assistance. The earthquake also heavily impacted north-west Syria, a region where 4.1 million people depend on humanitarian assistance today [...] At this time, Syrian communities are simultaneously hit with an on-going cholera outbreak and harsh winter events including heavy rain and snow over the weekend. The humanitarian response is largely overstretched with a funding gap of 48 per cent identified for the last quarter of 2022 (US$371.1 is required out of 802.1 million). (OCHA, 6 Feb 2023)

UN and partners are preparing the first cross-border aid convoy to north-west Syria since a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck southern Türkiye on 6 February. The cross-border operation was temporarily disrupted as the road connecting Gaziantep to the UN Transshipment Hub in Hatay was impaired. As of 8 February, two alternative routes have been identified to reach the Hub following feasibility assessments, from Gaziantep via Kilis-Kirikhan and from Mersin via Adana-Kirikhan [...] The emergency response to the earthquake continues on its third day. Death tolls in Türkiye and north-west Syria are climbing by the hour, reaching more than 11,000 people as of 8 February – a 450 per cent increase since the reported figure in the first OCHA Flash Update. At least 648 aftershocks have been reported. (OCHA, 8 Feb 2023)

Six trucks crossed from Türkiye into north-west Syria today loaded shelter items and Non-Food Items (NFIs) including hygiene kits, solar lamps and blankets. This is the first cross-border aid convoy since the 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck southern Türkiye on 6 February, escalating humanitarian needs. The International Organization for Migration (IOM), reports that the convoy items can meet the needs of “at least 5,000 people”. (OCHA, 9 Feb 2023)

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