Timor-Leste: Dengue Outbreak - Jan 2022


Disaster description

Timor-Leste has recorded an escalation of dengue fever cases from the start of 2022 with the death toll reaching 20 on 31 January 2022, making it the deadliest year in recent times. On 15 January 2022 the Government of Timor-Leste declared that dengue had become a serious public health concern considered as an outbreak event. Dengue cases have been reported in 12 out of 13 municipalities in Timor-Leste with Dili municipalities recording most of the cases. As of 31 January there were 853 dengue cases in Dili representing 66% of the total cases reported. Of the total cases, 42% of cases have been identified in the 5-14-year-old age bracket; 36,5% identified from the group of 1-4 years old and less than 10% for the rest of the group.

The Ministry of Health’s report also conceded that apart from infrastructure problems, the country's health system is facing a shortage of doctors and other health professionals and that the situation could worsen in the coming months. The outbreak has forced authorities to use health facilities previously designated for isolation of Covid-19 patients as places to treat dengue fever patients after the state's main Guido Valadares National Hospital was overwhelmed. (IFRC, 7 Feb 2022)

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