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Design and Analysis of Impact Evaluations

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Four –Day Online Training. This training is empowered with SPSS and STATA

April 3 – 6, 2022 from 3:00pm to 6:30pm (Amman time)

As the development goes on, many ask on different aspects of impact of the development funds that are being used for poverty eradication, uplift thru entrepreneurship and employment, to improve access to water and sanitation (WASH), gender empowerment, and access to reproductive health services, for example. There is a set procedure to measure the impact and progress towards project outcomes at different stages of project implementation. Applied Research Methods have the tools and skills that are essential for professionals who are working on impact evaluations and on research concepts to generate empirical evidence. Below are given detailed contents of the ‘Applied Research Methods’. This training will empower participants with practical tools that are essentially used in Applied Research Methods across the world. It will also empower participants to use SPSS/STATA as a tool to analyze data collected under Applied Research.

Content Outline

Day I

Introduction to applied research

Different forms of applied research

Theory of change

Designing an applied research

How to make research representative?

o Sampling methods

o Methods to calculate sample

Day II

Designing principles for Impact Evaluations

How Impact Evaluations Differ from Other Research Design?

Introduction to Randomized Control Trials

Key concepts: Counterfactuals, Intention-to-treat (ITT) and Treatment-on-the-Treated (TOT), Spillover Effect, Random Assignments etc.

Case studies


Use of SPSS/STATA as a tool to analyze data

Hypothesis testing

Different forms of t test (used to show impact)

Chi-Square test


ANOVA (One Way, Factorial ANOVA) etc.

Regression Analysis

optional (this is basic analysis)


Database development

Data entry and cleaning

Generating new variables and recoding

SPSS syntax (all manual commands will be done through syntax also)

Analysis of multiple response questions

Day IV

Day 4 is dedicated to SPSS/STATA and we assume that participants will have some sort of SPSS/STATA basic knowledge. In case you also require basic SPSS/STATA modules in the training, the fourth day will be reserved for all those wishing to learn SPSS/STATA from basics.

Important Dates

Four –Day Training

This training is empowered with SPSS and STATA

TOT on “**Design and Analysis of Impact Evaluations”** will be held on April 3 – 6, 2022 from 3:00pm to 6:30pm (Amman time)

The final agenda and venue details will be shared with all registered participants (who paid their fees).

Fee information

USD 380 covers 4-day training course, applications and certificate.

Deadline for registration: 20 March 2022

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Fee information

USD 350 covers 4-day training course, applications and certificate.

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