Twenty five (25) years ago Godman Guild provided the seed money for a small community development corporation (CDC);  Northside Development Corporation (NDC) located in Weinland Park, with a focus on affordable housing.  With the large influx of city and corporate money that became focused on the Weinland Park community the need for NDC diminished.  In 2011 the Board of Trustees of NDC voted to cease operations.  The assets from this 501C-3 had to be passed on to another non-profit.  Because of the long standing relationship with Godman Guild and the shared mission of providing for the needs of the residents of the Weinland Park community, in July of 2011 the Guild absorbed NDC.  Because of the need for the job creating economic development, so desperately needed in the city of Columbus particularly in the inner city, the former NDC was recreated and repurposed into Community Economic Development  Corporation of Ohio (CEDCO).

As the MORPC/HUD Agrarian Urbanist Overlay planning grant was drawing to a conclusion, it became necessary for a Project Owner/Operator to emerge to move the project from the planning stage to the execution stage.  In June of 2012 CEDCO was approved to move into this role.


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